HTM Media //

HTM Media was formed with the objective of delivering a media solution to advertisers that deals with marketers’ most important challenge – adjusting to technology and up-skilling everyone on the farming, mining and safety and security industry.

Our publications examine and deliver in-depth and topical news.

Our publications are:

1. The DRC Mining Directory Magazine
2. African Safety and Solutions Directory
3. African Farmer’s Guide

Since 2017

The DRC Mining Directory Magazine //

The DRC mining directory magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to bringing you detailed product information, latest news developments in the mining industry in Africa.

Our magazine content covers a range of commodities, equipment and technology; projects; legislation; finance-related issues; the environment; as well thought leadership from analysts’ economists. Our directory is here to bring you up to the minute news and updates in the equipment technologies.

About Us

The DRC Mining directory magazine is a premier source of news on mining Developments in DRC’S most important industry. It is a publication dedicated to bringing you detailed product information latest news and developments in the mining industry. All companies advertising in the magazine will also have the opportunity to have the magazine distributed to areas of their choice as well as the normal distribution. We will also provide your company with copies of the magazine for your own distribution and marketing.

The DRC mining directory is distributed within DRC, South Africa and other southern African development community, while readership extends to an international audience. Readership is dominated, but not limited to mine management, consulting engineers, contractors, suppliers, geologist, decision and policy makers, mine suppliers, experts and specialized service providers all serving the mining industry through to the university students, mining groups government departments and financial institutions.

Our Mission

To work with our partners and customers to make it possible for government, businesses and people to be informed at all times. Be recognised by our communities as the leading provider of information on relevant issues through a multimedia concept.

Our Values

We want everyone in the mining industry to be informed at all times through our publication.

Since 2019

African Farmers guide


African farmers guide magazine is a here to connect the South African agricultural sector to other African markets. We looking forward to acting as a catalyst to develop the South African agricultural sector, we here to connect South African farmers, agribusiness people and government farmers with the new technologies, practices, ideas, materials and increase South African human capital. We hope this will help Africa to develop an independent and vibrant agricultural sector and generate an increase in health and wellbeing for this vibrant Central African nation. We are looking forward to increase
direct and indirect foreign investment in South Africa.

This approach should help to lead sustainable agricultural development and could lead to growth in other sectors of the economy via linkages. In order to accomplish these goals, African Farmer’s guide is a bi-monthly magazine which is distributed in South Africa and other southern African neighbouring countries. The African review magazine focuses upon engaging the outside world with South Africa, getting useful information on farming techniques, identifying comparative advantages helping our readers to see the use of investing in the South African agricultural sector, connecting non-profit organisations and giving our farmers access to the modern farming equipment.

Our Goals

  1. Promote the establishment of the upper level of the agribusiness activities such as storage, commodities exchanges, safe carriage and developing markets.
  2. Share information about agricultural technologies and other technologies that support agribusiness between our readers.
  3. Encourage the establishment of the infrastructure that is necessary for agricultural developments e.g. education, transportation and irrigation.
  4. Encouraging health and safety awareness in the agribusiness sector.
  5. Give our national and international audience the ability to read stories from other farmers in the African agribusiness, throughout South Africa and other African countries.
  6. Help non-profit networks and share resources with one another.
  7. Promote strong independent African continental networks.
  8. Giving advantages and opportunities throughout Africa to our readers who are investors or interested in becoming investors


With large distribution database of the African Agribusiness magazine when it comes to advertising we go an extra mile in helping our clients. African farmers guide wants our advertisers to succeed and our readers to be well informed, and we will promote your business when we go to meetings and other events with the government officials and other businessmen. Furthermore, when we get in touch with subscribers in need of your services or products we will proudly connect you with them.