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The African safety solutions directory is a tool guide to African suppliers and service providers in the safety and security industry.

Products & services

The product and service category covered by the African Safety Solution Directory
but not limited to the following sectors includes:

PP Equipment

Employers have duties of providing and making use of personal protective equipment. To be safe instructions, procedures and training must be provided in a workplace for workers to work safely and responsibly.

Construction Security

Regardless of how you look at it, construction sites are vulnerable. That is why investing in quality construction sites security is so important. 

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The following are the kind of security needed in construction; property and material protection, tools and equipment protection, emergency response services, trespass prevention, limit weather damage as we as preventing damage from accidents. With quality security service in place, any risks or significant losses situations can be avoided

Digital Security

Digital security is tools that can be used to secure our identity and assets in the online world and authorized access. Every industry or organization tested with safeguarding information relating to health, financial records and national security.

Data Network Security

It is designed to protect the integrity of confidentiality and accessibility of computer network and data using both software and hardware technologies.
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Ever industry or infrastructure requires a degree of network security solutions in place to protect it from the ever-growing landscape of cyber threats. Data security includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms

Government Security

The government must protect official information from unauthorized access and accidental disclosure. The government security covers the restricted, confidential, secret and top-secret security classification.

Specialized mining safety equipment

It helps operators manage equipment operation and productivity. Proper PPE, cameras and other detection devices. It is every owner’s responsibility to make sure the environment is protected.

Cyber Security

It defends, mobile devices, electronic systems and servers from malicious attacks. Every company or organization is commanded to make sure they protected. Risk can be data being lost or wrongfully exposed.
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Combining strong cybersecurity with security-minded employee provides the best defence against cyber- criminals.

Fire Suppression

Fire is a major risk in all industries, mining construction agriculture and firms, which could lead to a major loss on production assets and loss of income.
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Every industry must ensure they have a tailor-made system designed for their need. Making sure every operation is protected against any basic fire risk.

about us

The African safety solutions directory is a quarterly publication, published
by HTM-media. It is a tool guide to African suppliers and service providers in the safety and security industry, ranging from personal protective equipment, Major safety suppliers and digital security.

Readership & Distribution

The African Safety Solution is disturbing throughout Africa using
the following channels:

Distributed at various annual trade exhibition in Africa.


Various Trade and chambers of safety and security.


Major Private & parastatal companies in Africa through the procurement department.


There are various ways to participating in
African Safety Solutions Directory which includes:

•  Company listing
•  Advert Placement on product and services
•  Display Advertising

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African Safety Solutions total print run:

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